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VOLUMES 27-74 (1965-2012)

Volume 74, 2012 (Edited by James Craine)

         Revealing the Origin or Human-Nature Dualities in Christian Political Structures (Martha L. Henderson)
         The Gaming Zone: A One-Mile Limit at Stateline (Katherine Heslop and Paul F. Starrs)
         Case Hardening Vignettes from the Western USA: Convergence of Form as a Result of Divergent Hardening Processes
         (Ronald I. Dorn, Jacob Dorn, Emma Harrison, Eyssa Gutbrod, Stephen Gibson, Philip Larson, Niccole Cerveny, Nicholas Lopat, Kaelin M. Groom, Casey D. Allen)
         Considering the Photography of Leonard Nadel (Stefano Bloch)
         A Colorado Sheep Wars Incident, 1894 (Forrest R. Pitts)
         Building the Cornerstone: Vinnie B. Clark and Geography: 1878-1971 (Barbara Fredrich, Alan Osborn, and Stephanie Weiner)
         Depopulation in Some Rich Nations: Good News for Planet Earth? (Gary L. Peters)
         In Memoriam: Dr. James W. Scott (Todd Welch)      

Volume 73, 2011 (Edited by James Craine)

Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, and Drought:  Environmental Challenges for the Ancient Maya People of the Antiqua Valley, Guatemala (Dorothy E. Freidel)
Parks, Malls, and The Art of War (Ronald A. Davidson)
A Tale of Two Cities:  Re-establishing Cultural Identities in Eastern Europe (Elena Givental)
The Reproduction of the Klamath Basin: Struggle for Water in a Changing Landscape (Jeffrey S. Jenkins)
Three Beats, Two Crimes, One City:  Place-based Distribution of Property Offences in Atlanta, Georgia (Crystal English)
Remembering Larry Ford (Everett G. Smith)
Celebrating Howard Nelson (Herb Eder, Pete Fielding and Ron Horvath)
World Population, 1970-2009:  A Perspective of Nearly Four Decades of Growth (Gary Peters)
Everything Sings (Denis Wood) & Making Maps:  A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, 2nd edition (John Krygier & Denis Wood) reviewd by Vincent Del Casino, Jr.
What Americans Build and Why:  Psychological Perspectives (Ann Sloan Devlin, reviewd by Ron Davidson
Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life:  Making Ocean Life Count (Paul V. R. Snelgrove, reviewd by Ed Jackiewicz))

Volume 72, 2010 (Edited by James Craine)

The Edge of the World:  Embattled Leagues of Children and Seals Teeter on the Rim (Stuart C. Aitken)
Comparing Police and Resident Perceptions of Crime in a Phoenix Neighborhood Using Mental Maps in GIS (Natalie Lopez and Chris Lukinbeal)
Wild in the City:  Past, Present, and Future (Aleksandra Ilicheva)
A Tribute to Larry Ford (Maurizio Antoninetti, Daniel D. Arreola, Norman Carter, Sarah Champion, Brenda Kayzar, and Zia Salim)
Life as Adventure:  Adventure as Life:  Alvena Storm, Pioneer Woman Geographer (Barbara Fredrich and Alan Osborn)
Henry Fanshawe Tozer:  A "Missing Person" in Historical Geography? (William A. Koelsch)
The Lost City of Z:  A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon (David Grann, reviewed by Ron Davidson)

Volume 71, 2009 (Edited by James Craine)

Ambiguous Landscapes of the San Pornando Valley (Darrick Danta)
Orange Blossoms and Razor Wire:  A Geographer's Prison-teaching Memorate (David Nemeth)
Highland Forest Habitat Preference by Endemic Hawai'ian Honeycreepers:  A Preliminary Assessment (Michael K. Steinberg)
Interconnecting Spaces:  Truck Drivers, Diesel Pollution, and Networking in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles (Mary Ngo and Deborah Thien)
Trends in Extreme Daily Surface Temperatures in California, 1950-2005 (Gregory S. Bohr)
Immigration Politics in California's Inland Empire (Michal Kohout)
Migration and Gender:  The Case of a Farming Ejido in Calakmul, Mexico (Claudia Radel and Birgit Schmook)
Pedestrian Volume Modeling:  A Case Study of San Francisco (XiaoHang Liu and Julia Griswold)
Fire in the Desert:  Initial Gullying Associated with the Cave Creek Complex Fire, Sonoran Desert, Arizona (Casey D. Allen, Jeremy D. Dorn, and Ronald I. Dorn)
Railroad Abandonment:  A Catalyst for Urban Renewal in the San Fernando Valley, California (Dougles E. Fetters)
Time and Place in San Francisco:  Some Thoughts for the Urban Wanderer (Larry Ford)
Hydroclimatology:  Perspectives and Applications (Marlyn Shelton, reviewed by Patrick Kahn)
Long Beach Gets Radical:  Stretching the Spaces of Radical Politics (Deborah Thien and Jonathan Pugh)

Volume 70, 2008 (Edited by James Craine)

Beyond the Water Crisis:  Moving Water and People Away from the Margins (Kate Berry)
"Berkeley School" Genius:  Musings on a Feng-shui Perspective (David Nemeth)
Music in the Fields:  Constructing Narratives of the Late 19th Century Hawaiian Plantation Cultural Landscape (Aaron Kingsbury)
Heat Waves in Southern California:  Are They Becoming More Frequent and Longer Lasting? (Steve LaDochy)
Declining Cotton Cultivation in Maricopa County, Arizona:  An Examination of Macro- and Micro-Scale Driving Forces (Gabe Judkins)
The Columbia Basin Project:  Seventy-Five Years Later (Gina Bloodworth and James White)
The Perceptual Northwest (James Lowry, Mark Patterson, and William Forbes)
Seattle Roots:  Roosevelt High School's Class of 1957 (Richard L. Nostrand)
The Perpetual Undoing of San Diego's East Village (Brenda Kayzar)
Placing Latin America:  Contemporary Themes in Human Geography (Edward L. Jackiewicz and Fernando J. Bosco, reviewd by Benjamin F. Timms)

Volume 69, 2007 (Edited by James Craine)

It's Women's Work (Jenny Zorn)
Mediated Geographies:  Critical Pedogogy and Geographic Education (Chris Lukinbeal, Christina B. Kennedy, John Paul Jones III, John Finn, Keith Woodward, David Nelson, Zane Austin, Grant, Nicole Antonopolis, Ari Palos, and Carol Atkinson-Palombo)
Concrete Babylon:  Life Between the Stars (Giorgio Hadi Curti, John Davenport, and Edward Jackiewicz)
The Changing Cultural Landscape of El Paso de Robles (Gary Peters)
Urban Expansion in Oaxaca, Mexico:  Research on the Fringe (Marissa Smith)
The Hottest and Coldest Places in the Conterminous United States (Guy King)
Current Issues in Global Warming and Mitigation Efforts:  Focus on California (Helen Cox)
The Changing Faces of Skagway, Alaska:  A Story So Far (Christopher Moreno)
Coming to Stay:  A Columbia River Journey (Mary Dodds Schlick, reviewd by Ralph K. Allen)
President's Plenary Session:  Geography in a Diverse World (Jenny Zorn).  The Importance of International Students on Our Campuses (Kavita Pandit); Geography Diversity Initiatives at California State University, Long Beach:  The Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program (Christine Rodrigue); Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty in a Public University (Nancy Lee Wilkinson).

Volume 68, 2006 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

How Successful are Recent Immigrants to the United States and Their Children? (James P. Allen)
Gila Bend, Arizona:  On the Road Somewhere Else (Kevin Romig)
Two Russian Molokan Agricultural Villages in the Intermountain West (Marshall E. Bowen)
An Examination of Wetland Diversity in Ventura County, California (Shawna Dark, Regan Maas, Jason Mejia, and Namrata Belliappa)
Mapping Race and Ethnicity:  the Influence of James Allen (Emily Skop)
President's Plenary Session:  Bringing Geography to the Public Through Books (James P. Allen).  Writing for the Public/Writing for the Academy:  Competing Goals with Uncertain Outcomes (William A. V. Clark); Writing Books for a General Audience:  Motivations, Goals, and Challenges (Larry Ford); Reaching Beyond the Walls of the Academy:  Publishing Scholarly Books in Geography for the General Market (Susan Wiley Hardwick).

Volume 67, 2005 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

The Conditions of Coastality (David A. Plane)
The City as an Image-creation Machine:  A Critical Analysis of Vancouver's Olympic Bid (Katherine McCallum, Amy Spencer, and Elvin Wyly)
Building and Maintaining Urban Water Infrastructure:  Phoenix, Arizona, from 1950 to 2003 (Elizabeth K. Burns and Eric D. Kenney)
Case Study in Real Estate Appraisal:  Temecula Olive Oil Company (Nancy Summers)
President's Plenary Session:  Population Geography of the Pacific Coast (David A. Plane).  Ethnic Geography Dynamics:  Clues from Los Angeles (James P. Allen).
On Sacred Ground:  The Sprit of Place in Pacific Northwest Literature (Nicholas O'Connel, reviewed by Ralph K. Allen, Jr.)
San Diego:  An Introduction to the Region, Fourth Edition (Philip R. Pryde, Editor, reviewed by Carlos Tovares)

Volume 66, 2004 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

The Joy of Geography (Teresa L. Bulman)
Water Resource Planning in the Yakima River Basin:  Development vs. Sustainability (Christopher A. Kent)
Geographic Patterns in U.S. Urban Inflation:  1990-2000 (Andreas Molin and Gordon F. Mulligan)
Before "Surfurbia":  The Development of the South Bay Beach Cities through the 1930s (Ronald A. Davidson)
The Department of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara:  History, Curriculum, and Pedagogy (Keith C. Clarke and Susanna R. Baumgart)
President's Plenary Session:  Portrait of Portland:  History, Place, Region (Teresa Bulman).  Maintaining Eden:  John Charles Olmsted and the Portland Park System (Chet Orloff); Urbanism and Environment in Portland's Sense of Place (Carl Abbott); Portland at a Crossroads:  Sustaining the Livable City (Judy Walton).
The Art of the Airways (Geza Szurovy, reviewed by James Craine)
Building San Francisco's Parks, 1850-1930 (Terence Young, reviewed by Shawna J. Dark)
Atlas of the Pacific Northwest (Philip L. Jackson and A. Jon Kimerling, Editors, reviewed by Antonia Hussey)

Volume 65, 2003 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Water and the Geographic Imagination (Nancy Lee Wilkinson)
Confounding Water Policy:  Voter Representation and Choice in Tucson, Arizona (Irisita Azary and Michael J. Cohen)
Historical Evidence for the Upslope Retreat of Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) Forest in California's Gold Country (Khaled J. Bloom and Conrad J. Bahre)
Land Use, Riparian Vegetation, and Salmon:  Historical Changes Along the Alsea and Yaquina Rivers of Oregon, 1952-1994 (Mark M. Van Steeter)
Economic Development and Preservation:  The Case of National Parks (Lay James Gibson and Bryant Evans)
Boundaries of Faith:  Geographical Perspectives on Religious Fundamentalism (Roger W. Stump, reviewed by Ralph K. Allen)
Line Dancing:  An Atlas of Geography Curriculum and Poetic Possibilities (Wanda Hurren, reviewed by Ralph K. Allen)
Western Places, American Myths (Gary J. Hausladen, Editor, reviewed by James Craine)

Volume 64, 2002 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Alaska's Great Land Experiments (Roger Pearson)
Mexican Farm Labor networks and Population Increase in the Pacific Northwest (Michael S. McGlade)
The Trouble with Preservation, or, Getting Back to the Wrong Term for Wilderness Protection:  A Case Study at Point Reyes National Seashore (Laura A. Watt)
Quality of Life in the U.S. States:  1970 and 2000 (Gordon Mulligan and Rachel Burke)
"Bowling for Dollars":  Economic Conflicts and Challenges in Contemporary Cuba (Edward L. Jackiewicz)
Regional Dependence on Tourism:  The Significance of Seasonality (Lay James Gibson and Bryant Evans)
Essay  Our Intellectual Heritage from the End of the First and the Beginning of the Second Millennia (Donald F. Lynch)
President's Plenary Session:  The 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill (Roger W. Pearson).  Remarks by Walter J. Hickel (Walter Hickel); Geography--A Sense of Place or a Sense of Price?  Or:  Walter Hickel in Santa Barbara (Robert Sollen); The Santa Barbara Oil Spill:  A Retrospective (Keith C. Clarke and Jeffrey J. Hemphill)
The Chinese City in Space and Time:  The Development of Urban Form in Suzhou (Yingnong Xu, reviewed by Yifei Sun)
Storied Land:  Community and Memory in Monterey (John Walton, reviewed by Dennis Dingemans)

Volume 63, 2001 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

"I Too of the Wild Hills":  Experience, Meaning, and Place (Tina Kennedy)
The Changing Political Landscape of California, 1968 to 2000 (John Heppen)
Old Traditions, New Lifestyles:  The Emergence of a Cal-Ital Landscape (Jennifer J. Helzer)
Phoenix:  The Newest Latino Immigrant Gateway? (Emily Skop and Cecilia Menjivar)
Flooding and Fragmentation:  How Physical Features Structure Political Conflict Over Flood Control in California's Pajaro Valley (Keith Douglass Warner)
President's Plenary Session:  Geography's Contribution to Resource Management (Tina Kennedy).  Geography's Covert Operation in Water Resource Management; (Nancy Lee Wilkinson); Stewarding the Earth:  Commentary on Resource and Environmental Geographies in the West (Les Rowntree); Famine and Famine Early Warning:  Some Contributions by Geographers (Charles F. Hutchinson)
Prince Henry 'the Navigator':  A Life (Peter Russell, reviewed by William A. Koelsch)
Atlas of Hawai'i (Third Eidition) (Sonia P. Juvik and James O. Juvik, (Eds.), reviewed by Antonia Hussey)
Understanding Silicon Valley:  The Anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Region (Martin Kenney (Ed.), reviewed by Dennis J. Dingemans)
Exploring the Highest Sierra (James G. Moore, reviewed by Michael Swift)
China's Old Dwellings (Ronald G. Knapp, reviewed by Antonia Hussey)

Volume 62, 2000 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Taking a Moment to Bask in Our Past:  Six Decades of APCG and AAG Presidential Addresses (Robin E. Datel)
Natural and Human Factors in Recent Central Valley Floods (Roxane Fridirici and M. L. Shelton)
The Towns that Coal Built:  The Evolution of Landscapes and communities in Southern Colorado (John L. Keane)
A Comparison of Attitudes and Knowledge about the Endagnered Species Act (Jeffrey D. Hackel)
President's Plenary Session:  Studying, Teaching, and Serving your Locality in a Globalizing World (Robin E. Datel).  Studying Ethnic Patterns in Local Areas  (James P. Allen); Guidebooks as Community Service (Paul Groth); A Seat at the Table:  Geographers and the Formulation of Environmental Policy (Philip R. Pryde)
Imperial San Francisco:  Urban Power, Earthly Ruin (Gary Brechin, reviewed by Dennis J. Dingemans)
How It Came To Be:  Carol O. Sauer, Franz Boas and the Meanings of Anthropogeography (William W. Speth, reviewed by Robert Hoffpauir)
A Agua e o Homen na Várzea do Careiro (Hilgard O'Reilly Sternberg, reviewed by C. Gary Lobb)
Infections and inequalities:  The Modern Plagues (Paul Farmer, reviewed by Terry Simmons)

Volume 61, 1999 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Across the Street is Mexico: Invention and Persistence of the Border Town Curio Landscape (Daniel D. Arreola)
Statues of Liberty: Migration and Urbanism in the Borderlands (Susan P. Mains)
Hydroclimate Heterogeneity in the Upper Deschutes River Basin (M. L. Shelton)
Elaboration on the Nature of Woody Debris: An Ethical Snag in the Aesthetic Justification for Organized River Cleanup (David J. Nemeth and Deborah J. Keirsey)
Concentrations in Commercial Banking: The Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions (Audrey E. Clarke)
Commentary: Will Carl Sauer Make it Across that Great Bridge to the Next Millennium? (Bret Wallach)
Sauer's Descent? Or Berkeley Roots Forever? (Scott S. Brown and Kent Mathewson)
President's Plenary Session. Revisiting Regional Geography: A View from Oregon (Alexander B. Murphy); Was Fenneman Right About Regional Geography? (William K. Crowley); Region, Reveries, and Reverence (Paul F. Starrs)
Transcontinental America, 1850-1915. Vol. 3 of The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History (D. W. Meinig, reviewed by Elliot McIntire)

Volume 60, 1998 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Emerging from Sewage and Waste: A Postmodern Landscape (Joan Clemons)
Creating and Recreating an Ideal: The Role of Historic Landscapes in a Rapidly Changing Urban Area (Martha Adrienne Works)
Human Ecology of the Sonoran Desert (Conrad J. Bahre)
Employment in Boom Towns of the Ecuador Amazon (Lawrence A. Brown and Roy Ryder)
The Response of Antelope Ground Squirrels (Amnospermophilus leucurus) to Human Impacts in the Western Mojave Desert (Michael Starr)
The Evolving Commercial Strip: Crossing Ford's Typology in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona (Susan Riches Sargent)
President's Plenary Session. GIS and Geography: Elements of a Debate (Mike Goodchild); GIS and the Geographical Self (J. Nicholas Entrikin); GIS, Cartography, and Geography: The View From the Other Side (Stacy Warren)
Los Angeles A to Z: an Encylopedia of the City and County (Leonard Pitt and Dale Pitt, reviewed by Matthew T. Rosenberg)
In Cold Margins: Sustainable Development in Northern Bioregions (J.M. Jamil Brownson, reviewd by Rocky Moss)
The Handy Geography Answer Book (Matthew T. Rosenberg, reviewed by Darrick Danta)

Volume 59, 1997 (Edited by Darrick Danta)

Linnaeus's Geographical Legacy (Elliot McIntire)
Not a House but a Home: The Centennial Car Camp for the Homeless (Cindy Mendoza)
The Var Region: A Microcosm of French Agricultural Modernization (Edward Karabenick)
Shifting River Management Toward Salmon Restoration in the Columbia River Basin (Jo Beth Mullens)
Settlement History and Tourism Development in Two Arizona Mountain Communities (Alan A. Lew and Jeffrey S. Wilkerson)
Sierra Devada Uplift—When Did it Occur? (Jeffrey P. Schaffer)
Implications of the Worldwide Distribution of Shigellosis (W. Tim Dagodag)
Ethnic Persistence and Change in Europe and America—Traces in Landscape and Society (Klaus Frantz and Robert Sauder, eds., reviewed by Richard Morrill)
Atlas of the New West: Portrait of a Changing Region (William Riebsame, General Editor; James J. Robb, Director of Cartography; Photographs by Peter Goin; Essays by Patricia Nelson Limerick and Charles Wilkinson, reviewd by Paul F. Starrs)
The Pacific Northwest: Geographical Perspectives (James G. Ashbaugh, ed., reviewed by Gerald E. Tyner)
The Geomorphic Evolution of the Yosemite Valley and Sierra Nevada Landscapes (Jeffrey P. Schaffer, reviewd by Jeffrey R. Trust)

Volume 58, 1996 (Edited by Daniel E. Turbeville III)

Involuntary Mobility, Gender, and Travel Demand Management in Metropolitan Phoenix (Elizabeth K. Burns)
The Recurrence of Large Boulder Movement in Small Watersheds of the Anza Borrego Desert, California (Anthony O. Clarke and Carl L. Hansen)
Alaskan Airline Markets: A Case Study in Spatial Decision Making (Neil Sorenson)
Geomorphology of a Dry Valley: Adrian Pass, Lahontan Basin, Nevada (Guy King)
Japanese Garden Plants in Residential Yards in Honolulu, Hawaii: A Transported Landscape (Toshihiko Ikagawa)
The Railroad Stations of Central California (Rodney Steiner)
Geography Departments in the Pacific Northwest: An Overview (Edward T. Price, Jr.)
The Metropolitan Frontier: Cities in the Modern American West (Carl Abbot, reviewd by Gabor Zovanyi)
Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society (Norman J. W. Thrower, reviewd by Charles W. Booth)
Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares (Nancy Langston, reviewed by Claude Curran)
The Mountain West: Interpreting the Folk Landscape (Terry G. Jordan, Jon T. Kilpinen, and Charles F. Gritzner, reviewed by James W. Scott)
Where the Dove Calls: The Political Ecology of a Peasant Corporate Community in Northestern Mexico (Thomas E. Sheridan) and Environmentalism and Economic Justice: Two Chicano Struggles in the Southwest (Laura Pulido; both reviewed by Frederick Strange)
Phoenix: The History of a Southwestern Metropolis (Bradford Luckingham, reviewed by Dick G. Winchell

Volume 57, 1995 (Edited by Daniel E. Turbeville III)

Order and Disorder—A Model of Latin American Urban Land Use (William K. Crowley)
The Emergence of Dengue Fever in the United States and Its Public Health Implications (Sabrina Manning-Gilliam)
The Distributions of Coccidioidomycosis and Histoplasmosis in the United States: Implications and Recommendations (Alan Rice Osborn)
James Edward Church, Jr.; and the Developoment of Snow Surveying for Runoff Forecasting (Evelyne Stitt Pickett)
Depicting California’s Critical Environmental Zones (Philip R. Pryde, Cheryl Rogers, and Lisa Chaddock)
Fragmentation of Rangeland Habitat in Coastal California (Bryan D. Baker)
Nongovernmental Organizations and Tropical Agroecological Development, with Honduran Examples (Calvin Wilvert)
Unimpared and Regulated Discharge in the Sacramento River Basin, California (M.L. Shelton)
The Emergence of Cultural Geography (John Leighly edited and with comments by William W. Speth)
Landscape and Memory (Simon Schama, Reviewed by James W. Scott)
The North American Railroad: Its Origin, Evolution, and Geography (James E. Vsance, Jr.; Reviewed by Carlos A. Schwantes)
Magic Lands: Western Cityscapes and American Culture after 1940 (John M. Findlay, Reviewed by Stacy Warren)
Earthquake Insurance: A Longitudianl Study of California Homeowners (Risa Palm, Reviewed by Christine Rodrigue)

Volume 56, 1994 (Edited by Daniel E. Turbeville III)

Afforestation, Fire, and Vegetation Management in the East Bay Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area (Lester B. Rowntree)
Transpacific Discovery 1993: The Transportation and Communication Sector in China (John B. Richards)
The Social Geography of Disaster Recovery: Differential Response to the North Coast Earthquakes (Eugenie L. Rovai)
The Roe Herring Fishery on Canada’s West Coast (Robert C. Brown and Ian T. Joyce)
Hub and Spoke: Deregulation, Spatial Restructuring and Applied Economic Geography in Banking (Christine M. Rodrigue and Virginia L. Oliver)
Geography at Portland State University (Clarke H. Brooke)
Geography at the University of Washington (Joseph Velikonja)
The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History, volume 2, Continental America, 1800-1867 (D.W. Meinig, Reviewed by James W. Scott)
Railroad Signatures Across the Pacific Northwest (Carlos A. Schwantes, Reviewed by Charles V. Mutschler)
The Pacific Northwest: Geographical Perspectives (James G. Ashbaugh, editor; Reviewed by David W. Lantis)
Atlas of the Pacific Northwest 8th edition (Philip L. Jackson and A. Jo Kimerling, editors; Reviewed by Michael M. Folsom)
The Mexican Border Cities: Landscape Anatomy and Place Personality (Dan Arreola and James Curtis; Reviewed by Leland R. Pederson)

Volume 55, 1993 (Edited by Daniel E. Turbeville III)

Geography, Geographers, and Exploration (James W. Scott)
Carl O. Sauer’s Uses of Geography’s Past (William W. Speth)
A Physiographic Streamflow Model for Small Sierra Nevada Basins (David S. McArthur and Allen S. Hope)
Dick Tracy’s Cityscape (Christopher L. Lukinbeal and Christina B. Kennedy)
Desertification of the Camp Creek Drainage in Central Oregon (Geoffrey L. Buckley)
Religion and Migration: The Molokan Experience (Susan W. Hardwick)
Twentieth Century Precipitation Variability and Directional Vegetation Change in Southeastern Oregon (M.L. Shelton and Conrad J. Bahre)
The Atlas of North American Exploration from the Norse voyages to the Race to the Pole (Reviewd by James W. Scott)
The Geographical Tradition (Reviewed by Janet Collins)

Volume 54, 1992 (Edited by Robin E. Datel and Dennis J. Dingemans)

Thirty Million Californians Can’t be Wrong (Philip R. Pryde)
Territorial Dimensions of Hungarian Ethnic Identity (George W. White)
Technological Change and Household Food Supply in a West African Maritime Economy (Thomas S. Krabacher)
Vance’s Commuting Analysis: An Application in Tempe, Arizona (Elizabeth K. Burns)
Errors in the Perceived Location and Character of San Jose, California (Marcia Holstrom and David Schwarz)
Geography at Eastern Washington University (Charles W. Booth and Dale F. Stradling)
Tokyo: The Changing Profile of an Urban Giant (Reviewed by David H. Kornhouser)
Hard Places: Reading the Landscape of America’s Historic Mining Districts (Reviewed by Paul F. Starrs)

Volume 53, 1991 (Edited by Robin E. Datel and Dennis J. Dingemans)

Great Basin National Park: Rationales, Concepts, and Conflicts (Terrill J. Kramer)
Defense Withdrawal Planning in Nevada (David Loomis)
Development of the Grape Monoculture of Napa County (Teresa L. Bulman)
The Algiews Sahel as a Postcolonial Rural Landscape: (Edward Karabenick)
Eurotunnel: Regional Development and Transportation Patterns (David J. Keeling)
A Case Study of Rom Gypsy Residential Mobility in the United States (David J. Nemeth)
Rural Residential Settlement in Douglas County, Oregon (Peter C. Johnson)
Nonmetropolitan Employment Change in the Pacific Coast Region, 1970-1989 (Steven R. Kale and Joseph A. Bernert)
Geography at the University of British Columbia (J. Lewis Robinson)
Geography at Western Oregon State College (Wayne Rodgers White and Geoffrey Trionfante)
Geography at Southern Oregon State College (Claude W. Curran)
A Legacy of Change: Historic Human Impacts on Vegetation in the Arizona Borderlands (Bahre, Reviewed by Richard W. Reeves)
Western Images, Western Landscapes: Travels Along U.S. 89 (Vale & Vale, Reviewed by Tom McKnight)

Volume 52, 1990 (Edited by Robin E. Datel and Dennis J. Dingemans)

To Alaska by Train (Rodney Steiner)
Continuity and Conversion of House Gardens in Western Amazonia (Martha A. Works)
Powell's Vision of Arid Land Settlement Reexamined: Owens Valley, California (Robert A. Sauder)
Habitat Islands: Feral Parrots in Southern California (Lauren A. Boling)
Three Development Models for Alaska’s Agricultural Industry (Carol E. Lewis and Roger W. Pearson)
The Evolving Chico Area (David W. Lantis)
Geography at the University of Oregon (Edward T. Price)
Geography at Oregon State University (J. Granville Jensen)
Geography at Western Washington University (James W. Scott and Howard J. Critchfield)
Geography at Central Washington University (Martin R. Kaatz)
Geography at Simon Fraser University (Roger Hayter)
Geography at the University of Victoria (Michael C. R. Edgell, Colin J. B. Wood, W. R. Derrick Sewell, Charles N. Forward)
Geography at Montana State Universtiy (Milton J. Edie)

Volume 51, 1989 (Edited by Robin E. Datel and Dennis J. Dingemans)

Geographic Names in Geography (William G. Loy)
The Growth of the Mexican Wine Industry (William K. Crowley)
River City--Right Here in California? (Tim S. Hallinan)
The Usefulness of an Index of Soil Productivity in the Pacific Northwest (Philip J. Gersmehl)
Infinidad de Gentiles: Aboriginal Population in the Tulare Basin (Bill Preston)
Church of the East from Ancient Times through World War I (Gary Neil Smith and Louis Evan Grivetti)
The Alaskan Bush in Transition: An Overview (David W. Lantis, Donald Meares and Valerie Smith)
Historical Atlas of Washington (Reviewed by Eugene J. Turner)
California: The Pacific Connection (Reviewed by Howard F. Gregor)

Volume 50, 1988 (Edited by Robin E. Datel and Dennis J. Dingemans)

Restructuring the Landscape (Lay James Gibson)
The Introduction and Diffusion of the African Honeybee in South America (Robert B. Kent)
Housing and the Elderly in the Post-World War II Suburb (Robert A. Young)
The Rocky Mountain Region: Problems of Delimitation and Nomenclature (John M. Crowley)
Children's Characterizition of Place (Stuart C. Aitken and Steven P. Ginsberg)
An Inventory and Evaluation of Natural Areas in San Diego County (Philip R. Pryde)
Housing and Inner City Population Change in Columbus and San Diego (Larry Ford)
San Diego: An Introduction to the Region (Reviewed by David W. Lantis)

Volume 49, 1987 (Edited by James Scott)

Five Western Woman Pioneer Geographers (Margaret E. Trussell)
The Evolution of Land Use in Giant Forest, Sequioa National Park (Lary M. Dilsaver)
Suburban Commercial Development in the Shadow of Downtown Sacramento (Susan W. Hardwick)
Secant Cases of Azimuthal Projections: Myth and Reality (Robert T. Richardson)
Gabon: A Demographic Anomaly (John G. Newman)
Irrigation and Increased Precipitation in the Tulare Basin (Marlyn L. Shelton)
The Tillamook Burn (Kenneth A. Erickson)
From the Mountains to the Lakebed: Resource Problems and Prospects in Buhi
Watershed, Camarines Sur, Philippines (Doracio B. Zoleta)

Volume 48, 1986 (Edited by James Scott)

Images of Mountains: A Search for the Ideal (Larry W. Price)
The Development of Linear Move Irrigation in the United States (Tom L. McKnight)
The Development of Agriculture in a Gold Rush Region (Lary M. Dilsaver)
Distance and Dissent: Alaska's Capital Move (Roger W. Pearson)
Wintertime 500-mb Flow Types and the California Drought of 1976-1977 (Mark F. Hartman)
Restructuring and the Nonmetropolitan Turnaround: The California Evidence (Barney Warf)
Changing Spatial Structure in the Rocky Mountain Regional System (Harold M. Elliott)

Volume 47, 1985 (Edited by James W. Scott)

Nevada Then and Now: Forging an Economy (Earl W. Kersten)
Klamath Falls and Altamont, Oregon (Samuel N. Dicken)
Factors Related to Nonmetropolitan County Change in Washington, 1980-1983 (Annabel Kirschner Cook)
The Geographic Diffusion of Modern Science: 1600-1863 (Alvin W. Urquhart)
Bald Eagle Habitat Use and Evaluation of Potential Conflict (Janet Morlan)
Plant Colonization on an Abandoned, Elevated Highway in New York City (Lance F. Howard)
Otis Willard Freeman: A Preliminary Bibiliography (Jeremy Anderson)

Volume 46, 1984 (Edited by James W. Scott)

Architecture and Geography: Toward a Mutual Concern for Space and Place (Larry R. Ford)
Regional Reality in Economy (Carl O. Sauer, commentary by Martin S. Kenzer)
Richard Hugo's "Triggering Towns:" A Poet's Landscape of Montana (Barbara Taylor Cragg)
Vegetation and Land Cover Change in the Willamette River Greenway in Benton and Linn Counties, Oregon: 1972-1981 (Robert E. Frenkel, S. Nimal Wickramaratne, and Eric F. Heinitz)
Inner-City Revitalization and Cultural Succession: The Evolution of San Francisco's Haight-Asbury District (Brian J. Godfrey)
Wildfire Potential in San Diego County, California (William J. Krausmann)
Westlands Water District, Fresno County, California: Problems with the National Reclamation Act (Martin Mitchell)

Volume 45, 1983 (Edited by James W. Scott)

"Geography Rides, Geology Walks": The Barrett-Huntington Expedition to Central Asia in 1905 (Gary S. Dunbar)
Maungawhau and Maungakiekie: Reinterpreting the Cultural Landscape (Gordon R. Lewthwaite)
Economic Stagnation in the Rural American West: The Example of the San Luis Valley, Colorado (David W. Lantis)
Changing Uses of Rural Churches: Examples from Minnesota and Manitoba (Richard H. Foster, Jr.)
Changing Population Patterns in the American West (Everett G. Smith)
Ethnicity and an Emerging Indochinese Commercial District in Orange County (Robert L. Franklin)
Post-Gold Rush Population Changes in a Sierra Nevada Mining Region (Lary M. Dilsaver)

Volume 44, 1982 (Edited by James W. Scott)

Alaska: 1925-1981--Personal Percepts and Concepts (David W. Lantis)
The Pacific Coast Nearest Larger Neighbor Gradient (Harold M. Elliott)
Sauer and "Geographic Influences" (Earl W. Kersten)
Market-Oriented Agriculture in Nineteenth Century San Francisco (Khaled Bloom)
Exploring Alternate Worlds (Elliott G. McIntire)
The Peripheral Canal and the Future for Water in California (Donald F. Anthrop)

Volume 43, 1981 (Edited by James W. Scott)

Stripping the Urban Landscape (Alvin W. Urquhart)
Land Ownership Trends in Salt Lake City's Central Business District (Elizabeth K. Burns and Jeanne Kay)
Worldwide Potential Net Photosynthetic Rates and Effective Growing Seasons (Patricia A. O'Rourke)
Bacterial Water Quality Along the Upper Wallowa River (Theodore R. McDowell)
The Historical Geography of Western Airlines (Harold M. Elliott)
Evolving Socioeconomic Analysis in Small Intermountain Communities: The Rapid Development Scenario (David B. Longbrake and Robert V. Johnston)
Opposition to Arid Land Irrigation in Nevada, 1890-1900 (William D. Rowley)
Introduction and Spread of Mangroves in the Hawaiian Islands (Lyndon Wester)

Volume 42, 1980 (Edited by James W. Scott)

Presidential Address: Changing Climate (Arnold Court)
Rainfall Variability and California Mission Agriculture: An Analysis from Harvest and Tree Ring Data (Lester Rowntree and Robert Raburn)
Turnover of Pioneers and Property in a Marginal Nevada Farming Community (Marshall Bowen)
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Residential Loan Activity: A Case Study of the Santa Barbara, California, Metropolitan Area, 1970-1978 (Christopher Clayton, Nathan Gale, and Peter Burley)
Amazonian Glaciers (Steven F. Fick)
Alberta and Oil (Kenneth J. Fairbairn)
The Navajo Homestead: Situation and Site (Stephen C. Jett)
Natural Area Inventory and Assessment: Blacklock Point, Oregon (Robert E. Frenkel)
Even Precipitation Regimes in the United States (John Lier)

Volume 41, 1979 (Edited by Robert I. Monahan)

The Pacific Coast of North America, As Viewed from the Pacific (William L. Thomas)
Variation in the Pattern of Air Freight Generation in the Contiguous United States (Allan R. Fishman)
Art Festivals and Land Use in Oregon (Pia Tollo Brown)
Plant Communities and Snow Cover in the Subalpine Grassland, Steens Mountain, Oregon (John W. Mairs)
Footloose and Fancy Free--Residential Choices of SFO- and LAX-Based Airline Pilots (James J. Parsons)
Housing Filtration and the Intra-Urban Migration of Black Households in Milwaukie, Wisconsin (Leo E. Zonn)
Some Notes on the Negative Impacts of International Tourism (Lary M. Dilsaver)
California's Reluctant Acceptance of Center Pivot Irrigation (Tom L. McKnight)

Volume 40, 1978 (Edited by Rodney Steiner)

Antecedentia Relictus: The Closed-Cone Pines of California (Michael P. McIntyre)
Locational Trends in the American Brewing Industry (Bruce E. Bechtol and Jerry R. Williams)
The Evolution and Persistence of a Local Sage/Chamise Community Pattern in Southern California (David E. Bradbury)
The Rival Geographical Societies of Fin-de-Siecle San Francisco (G.S. Dunbar)
Dooryard Medicinal Plants of St. Lucia (Barbara E. Fredrich)
Deforestation in the Nepal Himalaya: A Village Perspective (Robert Hoffpauir)
Metropolitan Merseyside and Greater Manchester: Spatial Issues in Jurisdictional Change (Rex Honey)
Origins of Valley Asymmetry at Sarah Canyon, California (Phillip Kane)
Scholar and Colleague: Homage to Carl Sauer (John Leighly)
Residential Intensity and Housing Expenditure in Los Angeles (Carl Parker II)

Volume 39, 1977 (Edited by Rodney Steiner)

Planning, Provinciality, or Kosher Chinese Pizza (Chris Field)
Subdivision Activity on the San Francisco Peninsula, 1860-1970 (Elizabeth K. Burns)
Areal Variations in Beach Dimensions in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior (Wayne N. Engstrom)
Braiding in Semiarid Sand-Bed Streams (Robert B. Howard)
Perception, Innovation, and Adaptation: The Palliser Triangle of Western Canada (Frank J. Jankunis)
Terrain Sensitivity of the Townsite at Resolute Bay, N.W.T. (Charles L. Rosenfeld)
A Descriptive Model of Nonwork Travel (Frederick P. Stutz)

Volume 38, 1976 (Edited by Rodney Steiner)

Our Solar Energy Resource (Robert W. Durrenberger)
The Ecological Biogeography of an Oregon Coastal Salt Marsh (H. Peter Eilers)
Airflow Types and Rainfall in Ireland (John G. Houghton & Michael S. O'Cinneide)
The Sesmaria in Rio Grande do Sul: A Successful Frontier Institution, 1737-1823 (C. Gary Lobb)
Geothermal Power at Wairakei (Michael P. McIntyre)
Legislative Voting on Environmental Bills in Oregon (K.W. Muckleston, T.J. Maresh, and D. Mukerrji)
Photomechanical Density Modifications of ERTS Imagery (Charles E. Ogrosky)
The Sex Selectivity of Out-Migration: An Appalachian Example (Gary L. Peters)

Volume 37, 1975 (Edited by Rodney Steiner)

The Themes of Cultural Geography Rethought (Philip L. Wagner)
Changing Patterns in the World Aluminum Trade: Recent Developments in the Southwest Pacific (Arvin T. Henderson, Jr.)
Karinya Indian Swamp Cultivation in the Venezuelan Llanos (William M. Denevan and Roland W. Bergman)
The State Water Plan and Salinity Control in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California (John MacLeod MacDiarmid)
Some Relationships between Landscape Science and Landscape Art in Britain at the Turn of the 18th Century (Frank F. Cunningham)
The Coming of Summer in Coastal Southern California (Robert T. Richardson)
Street Names in California (Everett G. Smith, Jr.)
Settlement Morphography of South Dakota Indian Reservations (Ingolf Vogeler and Terry Simmons)

Volume 36, 1974 (Edited by Rodney Steiner)

Town Founding and the American Frontier (Howard J. Nelson)
Seasonal and Spatial Patterns of Air Pollution in Los Angeles County (Warren R. Bland)
The Black Settlers on Saltspring Island, Canada, in the Nineteenth Century (Charles C. Irby)
Irrigation and Urbanization in Pre-Hispanic Peru: The Moche Valley (James S. Kus)
Early Steps in the Classification of Climates (John Leighly)
Town Size and Functional Complexity in a Disrupted Landscape (Richard W. Reeves and Lay James Gibson)
Destructive Exploitation of the South American River Turtle (Nigel J.H. Smith)
Conservation Strategies in the Redwoods (Thomas R. Vale)
Afforestation: A Facet of the Changing Landscape of Mainland China (Magdalen Woo)

Volume 35, 1973 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

Culture Zones of the Ancient Aegean Area: Selective Contact and Persistence (Dan Stanislawski)
Vernacular Architecture of the British Isles (F.H.A. Aalen)
The Diffusion of the Skyscraper As An Urban Symbol (Larry Ford)
Nevada South of 37 Degrees North: An Unprecedented Political Blunder (James E. Hill, Jr.)
Alaskan Oil and National Wildlife Ranges (Richard G. Smith)
The Effects of the Railroads on Small Town Population Changes: Linn County, Oregon (Donald G. Holtgrieve)
The Metamorphosis of Tahiti: Change and Tradition In A Transforming Landscape (Timothy A. Bell)
The Movement of Coffee in Guatemala (Michael J. Biechler)
Southward to the Sun: The Impact of Mass Tourism On the Coast of Spain (James J. Parsons)
The Masai: Modernizing the Myth (Norman Myers)
Jade: An Indicator of Trans-Pacific Contact? (Jerry Towle)

Volume 34, 1972 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

The Morphology of Agricultural Terraces in the Kumaon Himalayas (Joel M. Andress)
Oil Shale--Federal Policies and the Public Interest (Glen D. Weaver)
Midwestern Swiss Migrants and Foreign Cheese (Gordon R. Lewthwaite)
The Lower American River Area, California: A Model of Pleistocene
Landscape Evolution (Roy J. Shlemon)
Trampled Vegetation and Floristic Covergence in the Tropics (Robert E. Frenkel)
Computer Airlines in the U.S.: Their Development, Distribution, and Locational Implications (I.E. Quastler)
The Pre-Soviet Village in Ukraine (Roman A. Cybriwsky)
Structural Variations Among Dwellings in the Japanese Colony of San Juan de Yapacani, Bolivia (Mario Hiraoka)
Western American Barns: Architectural Form and Climatic Considerations (Richard V. Francaviglia)
Impact of Urbanization on Agriculture in Orange County, California (William S. Kerr, III)
Ground Heat Flux Into Several Surfaces During A Partial Solar Eclipse Gregory E. Borgel)

Volume 33, 1971 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

The Geography Behind the News (Martin R. Kaatz)
Man and Nature: Two Viewpoints--No Perspective (George Macinko)
The Grass Pea: Distribution, Diet, and Disease (Robert D. Mitchell)
Problems in Tropical Agriculture: A Case Study from Guam (David Lee)
Vegetation Conversion and Channel Geometry in Monroe Canyon, Southern California (Antony R. Orme and Robert G. Bailey)
Minimum Temperatures in Big Bear Basin, California (Richard A. Minnich)
The Impact of Drought on Beef Cattle Numbers in the Channel Country of Southwest Queensland, Australia (A.C.B. Allen)
Regional Concentration of the Japanese Skipjack-Tuna Fishery (Elmer A. Keen)
Factors Contributing to Regional Variation in U.S. Coast Production (Thomas J. Maresh)
Aspects of Musha Land Tenure in Lebanon (Joseph K. Irby)
A City Designed to Keep People In (Gerry A. Hale and Lay James Gibson)

Volume 32, 1970 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

Biotic Influences on Australian Pastoral Land Use (Tom L. McKnight)
The Dairying Industry of Japan (George H. Kakiuchi & Kazuo Ninomiya)
Palms and Man in Coastal Oaxaca, Mexico (Herbert M. Eder)
Two Centrality Models (Richard E. Preston)
Athapaskan Expansion in the Southwest (Homer Aschmann)
The Maori Agricultural Revolution: Tropical Crops and Temperate Land (Gordon R. Lewthwaite)
The Structure of World Manufacturing (Ray M. Northam)
Pattern Analysis and Rates of Change in Mean Order Distance (Philip M. Fowler, Douglas D. Eier, and Douglas Whitlock)
The Reta-Timavo River System of the Yugoslavian and Italian Karst (Paul B. Alexander)
A Chinese Model: The "Ideal Universe" in Yu-Kung (I-Shou Wang)

Volume 31, 1969 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

The Origins and Diffusions of the European Universities (Clyde P. Patton)
Twelve Working Approaches to Historical Geography (Robert M. Newcomb)
Pastoral High-Country, South Island, New Zealand: The Second Century (Howard J. Critchfield)
Decline of the Dogsled in Villages of Arctic Alaska: A Preliminary Discussion (Karl E. Francis)
Empty Land, Full Land, Poor Folk, Rich Folk (Daniel B. Luten)
The Concept of Regional Development in the Indigenous Irrigation Systems of Ceylon (Gerard J. Foster)
Income and Occupations in the United States Counties (Morton W. Scripter)
Accessibility and the Town Plan (M.E. Eliot Hurst)
Japanese Agriculture in Ventura County, California (Dale E. Stevens and Young Il Kim)
Electoral and Population Geography of South-Central Los Angeles (A. William Dakan)

Volume 30, 1968 (Edited by Arnold Court)

Climatology's Eclecticism: A Preface (Arnold Court)
David I. Blumenstock, 1913-1963 (Carl O. Sauer)
Atmosphere Variability and Climatic Determinism (H.E. Landsberg)
Hourly Temperatures and Annual Range (Harry P. Bailey)
Summer Drought Over Western India (C.S. Ramage)
A Late November Singularity (Jerome Namias)
The Seasonal Apportionment of Precipitation over the Ocean (Woodrow C. Jacobs)
Tree Growth and Precipitation Near Flagstaff, Arizona (Waldo S. Glock and Sharlene R. Agerter)
Irrigation Agriculture in Humid Areas (John R. Mather)
Development of the Heat Budget Concept (David H. Miller)
New Wings for Climatology: A Science Reborn (F. Kenneth Hare)
On the Education of Climatologists (John Leighly)
Weather, Advertising, and the Lands (David I. Blumenstock)

Volume 29, 1967 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

The Oregon Desert, 1967: A Pioneer Fringe? (Dale E. Courtney)
Modern Colonization as a Facet of Land Development in Columbia, South America (Robert C. Eidt)
An Urban Interpretation of Oregon Settlement (Everett G. Smith, Jr.)
Environment, Culture, and the Mormon in Early Utah: A Study in Cultural Adaptation (William W. Speth)
Private Property in Land Among Reservation Indians in Southern California (Irme Sutton)
Central Places on the Navajo Reservation: A Special Case (Elliot G. McIntire)
The Functional Basis of the Zip Code and Sectional Center System (Gregory Smith)
Regional Isolation of Ayacucho, a City in the Peruvian Andes (Daniel W. Gade)
Land Resettlement in Kenya (N. Manfred Shaffer)
Suggestions for Improving Reference Citations in Geographical Publications (Stephen C. Jett)
Central Business Districts of Major U.S. Cities on Vertical Aerial Photography (Clement Padick)

Volume 28, 1966 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

People, Recreation, Wild Lands, and Wilderness (Homer Aschmann)
Water Supply in Nutrition in the Humid Tropics with Special Reference to Eastern Nigeria (Reimer Herrmann)
Locational Changes in the Forest Product Industries of the Pacific Northwest (Robert L. Monahan)
Tupaia's Map: The Horizons of a Polynesian Geographer (Gordon L. Lewthwaite)
Physiological Climates of California (Werner Terjung)
The Alsatian Peasant and His Land: A Study in Land Tenure Change (Timothy A. Bell)
Dooryard Gardens in Martinique (Clarissa Kimber)
Port Hueneme, California--A Study in Coastal Anthropogeomorphology (Norman Sanders)
The Concentric Zone Theory of City Structure as Applied to an African City: Ibadan, Nigeria (Joel Splansky)
The Impermanency of Royal Capitals in Ethiopia (Akalou Wolde-Michael)
Aspects of Soil Toxicity in the Castax Lake Region of California (Edward Laskowski and Placido D. LaValle)
Growing Degree-Hours at Selected Oregon Locations: A Complementary View of Temperature (R.D. Rudd and D.C. Newland)
The European Inland Waterways Network: A Case Study in the Geography of European Cooperation (Jean Cermakian)
The Inter-Neighbor Interval (Arnold Court)
The San Andreas Rift Zone: Surface Morphology in Aerial Photographs (Clement Padick)
Geographic Factors and Railroad Gauges (Thomas D. Best)
Geographic Aspects of Gemini Photography (Norman J.W. Thrower)

Volume 27, 1965 (Edited by John F. Gaines)

Geography and "The Great Society" (Richard M. Highsmith, Jr.)
Nevada: An Emerging Warehouse Center for the Far Western States (Glen D. Weaver)
Reorientation in Power Generation in the Volga Basin, U.S.S.R. (Clement Padick)
The Planned Industrial District in Anglo-America with Special Reference to Portland, Oregon (Ray M. Northam)
The Trasimeno: Development Problems Posed by a Dying Lake (Duilio Peruzzi)
Notes on Ejido Development During the Presidency of Lopez Mateos (J. Granville Jensen)
The Volga in the Prerevolutionary Industrialization of Russia (Keith W. Muckleston)
The Guayana Region, Venezuela: A Study in Industrial and Urban Development (Elbert E. Miller)
Antecedents of the Mexican-United States Water Agreement of 1965 (Stanley H. Ross)

Thanks to Jo Alexander, Managing Editor at Oregon State University Press, for providing this information (through volume 57) in digital form- -thanks too for all her years of help with the Yearbook


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