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Incorporation of the APCG

                        AGREEMENT OF ASSOCIATION OF

       We, the Undersigned, have agreed to associate ourselves
for the purpose of creating a corporation under the provisions of
R.C.W. 24.16.1010 to R.C.W. 24.16.140, inclusive, the laws of the
State of Washington, and have agreed as follows:

                                ARTICLE I.

       The name of this corporation shall be:


                                ARTICLE II.

       The general purposes for which this corporation is formed
are:  the cultivation of the scientific study of geography in all
its branches, especially by promoting acquaintance, intercourse
and discussion among the members, by encouraging and aiding
geographical exploration and research, by assisting the
publication of geographical essays, by developing better
conditions for the study of geography in schools, colleges and
universities, and by cooperating with other societies in the
development of an intelligent interest in geography among the
people of North America.

                               ARTICLE III.

       The principal place of business and the registered office
of this corporation shall be located at the Department of
Geography of the University of Washington in Seattle, King
County, Washington.

                                ARTICLE IV.

       The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.

                                ARTICLE V.

       There shall be no capital stock.

       The members of this corporation shall consist of the
undersigned subscribers and such other persons as from time to
time hereafter may become members in the manner provided by the

                                ARTICLE VI.

       The corporation shall have the following powers:

       1.  To procure, preserve and diseminate knowledge and
information and in furtherance thereof, to publish and distribute
or to promote the publication and distribution of books,
periodicals, circulars and other papers relating to said subjects
and objects of this association, including the publication of a
yearbook; and to dispose of said publications by sale or

       2.  To give endowments, scholarships, awards, grants and
other help and assistance, and to do anything else including the
granting of financial aid to any individual or organization for
the purpose of furthering the purposes and objectives of this

       3.  To receive and hold in trust, or otherwise, funds
received by gifts, grants, devises, endowments and bequests, and
said funds shall be used to carry out the purposes and objectives
of this corporation;

       4.  To acquire by gift, devise, purchase, or lease or
otherwise, and to hold for investment or in trust, sell, lease,
encumber or dispose of real property and personal property of any
and all kinds.

       5.  In general to have and to execute all powers confirmed
by the laws of the State of Washington under R.C.W. 24.16.1010 to
R.C.W. 24.16.140, inclusive.

                               ARTICLE VII.

       The Trustees shall be not less than three nor more than
sixty in number, and their number, term of office and election or
appointment shall be in the manner provided for by the by-laws of
this corporation.

                               ARTICLE VIII.

       It is agreed that these Articles may be amended by the
affirmative vote of a majority of its members at any regular or
special meeting called for the purpose, notice of which meeting
shall be given in the manner provided by the by-laws by giving
notice for the election of appointment of the Board of Trustees.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and
seals this 23rd day of May, 1962.

Signed by:     James E. Brooks     Howard J. Critchfield
               Dale E. Courtney    Samuel N. Dicken
               Frances M. Earle    Otis W. Freeman
               Howard H. Martin    Benjamin Thomas

The same eight people as trustees held the first meeting of the "subscribers to the aforementioned agreement" on June 8, 1962 (Benjamin Thomas President, Dale E. Courtney Secretary) and the Articles of Incorporation were recorded and the Seal affixed on June 11, 1962.

Incorporation of the APCG

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