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AAG Pacific Coast Division Councillors since 1968

Since 1952 the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers has constituted the Pacific Coast Regional Division of the Association of American Geographers.

Until 1968 each regional division was represented on the AAG Council by its president or chairman. Thereafter, each division elected its Regional Councillor. Those elected to three-year terms by the Pacific Coast Regional Division have been:

  1968-71   Howard J. Nelson       UCLA
  1971-74   William L. Thomas      California State University, Hayward
  1974-77   Norman J. Thrower      UCLA
  1977-80   Everett G. Smith       University of Oregon
  1980-83   Lay J. Gibson          University of Arizona
  1983-86   Christopher L. Salter  UCLA
  1986-89   James W. Scott         Western Washington University
  1989-92   Larry Ford             San Diego State University
  1992-95   Susan Hardwick         California State University, Chico
  1995-98   William K. Crowley     Sonoma State University
  1998-01   Jack P. Mrowka         California State University, Sacramento
  2001-04   Judy Walton            Humboldt State University
  2004-07   Stuart Aitken          San Diego State University
  2007-10   Nancy Wilkinson        San Francisco State University
  2010-13   Jenny Zorn             California State University, San Bernardino
  2013-16   Scott Mensing          University of Nevada, Reno
  2016-19   Sriram Khé             Western Oregon University
  2019-22   Yolonda Youngs         California State University, San Bernardino
  2022-25   Dydia DeLyser          California State University, Fullerton

Thanks to Jim Scott, APCG Archivist, past President, past Yearbook editor, and more, for providing this information for the earlier years.

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